Hi, I’m Richard and I am the co-founder of For Our Future’s Sake (or FFS, for short). We’re a youth and student-led movement, campaigning for a People’s Vote.

When FFS first started, we didn’t know how far that acronym would go in accurately representing the course of the Brexit debate over the last couple of years. It came to represent how repetitive it was at the time (imagine how we feel now); how dominated by privately educated old white men; and how no one seemed to notice that the Brexit that was being delivered was nothing like what was being promised in 2016.

Not only was Brexit not going to solve the serious problems in this country – regional inequality and crumbling public services, to name a few – it was, in fact, going to actively make them worse. By the Spring of 2018 we were incredibly frustrated by the Brexit debate and we decided to do something about it. 

So in March that year, we launched. Like most good ideas, FFS started in a pub. The day after, we had already got the National Union of Students on board as the first national organisation to pass policy to support a People’s Vote. In April we joined the umbrella organisation of the People’s Vote campaign and since then we have contributed in transforming the Brexit debate. 

A rare picture of Team FFS altogether.

Our goal is simple – to call for, deliver and then win a People’s Vote on Brexit. 

  • We’ve mobilised thousands of students and young people to take political action. 
  • We’ve ensured that young women, people of colour and working class people have had their voices heard.
  • We’ve convinced dozens of MPs to support a People’s Vote.

Some of us simply want to bring a resolution to the Brexit crisis, and see a People’s Vote as the best way to get it. Others were shut out of the debate three years ago, simply because of their age. Many of us can just see that this Brexit plan (and those proposing it), will make their lives and communities worse, and want to avoid that. 

A couple of years ago, this movement began with a couple of us sat in a pub together.  A couple of days ago a million of us were marching on the streets of London together. 

This is the power of a few people banding together to form an army of voices that simply want to be heard by those they elected.

To find out more about FFS and how you can get involved go to FFsakes.uk 

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Last Update: July 17, 2020