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Unlike what most people think, many young people are actually very interested in politics​. Young people like to take part in non-traditional forms of political action, like informal community networks, awareness raising, social media activism and general campaigning. 

However, they don’t believe much in politicians, their ability to have an impact in conventional politics and feel that they haven’t been equipped with the right knowledge to understand the details of politics. Young black and minority ethnic people and poorer young people in particular feel very powerless to influence politics.

Basically as a society we’ve failed to educate and empower young people and create meaningful spaces for them in politics.

Through platforming young voices, cutting through the inaccessibility of politics and proactively working with universities and other organisations @nakedpolitics is working to change this. We can’t afford to wait until the next election rolls round before wondering why young people aren’t voting. The work has to start now. You can give as little as £1 towards supporting the work we do and ensuring young people’s views are championed.

Young people’s opinions matter and it’s time as a society we showed it.