Naked Politics recognises that giving young people the tools to create political change requires meeting them where they are, and not just expecting them to come to us.

Our educational programmes involve providing schools with materials and workshops for their students to learn about how people power can create political change. We are particularly keen on targeting schools with significant numbers of pupils of colour.

Here are our current programmes:

·       The Power of People-Led Change: Pupils will be introduced to some key social movement theory. Working in groups they will create a social movement strategy on a fictional scenario, to explore the challenges and pitfalls of how people create change

·       Manifesto Masterclass: An interactive session in which pupils will debate fictional manifestos to explore how to analyse them and what issues are important to them.  

·       The Power of Journalism: Pupils will be introduced to some key concepts on the importance of journalism in democracy. Working in groups they will create piece of journalism based on a fictional scenario

If you’d like us to provide this support to your school with the above sessions, or anything else you feel we may be suited to support your school with, please get in touch with our administrative officer Bella Frimpong.