What We Do

Until recently, young people were presented as uninterested and apathetic about politics, often with the assumption that because they were not “grown ups” they had no real stake in society. Young people have also been characterised as self righteous, ungrateful or work shy.

But young people are typically facing more challenges than recent older generations- from housing to employment, education and more, many are finding it hard to get by. 

Young people are apathetic about mainstream politics, but not democracy or politics itself. Young people have been at the heart of some of the most important political movements in recent times. At a time when they feel alienated from the political establishment Naked Politics is facilitating younger people’s political and democratic action- beyond just voting every few years.

Through media and education, our work intends to support and feed into a greater understanding of how young people can fight for political change. We believe investing in young people and stimulating ideas will lead to their tangible political action.

Meet the team

Banseka Kayembe

Director and Founder

Graphic of Bankseka Kayembe

Banseka is the founder and director of Naked Politics, having started the platform as a small website blog after finishing university. She’s responsible for scoping out Naked Politics’ long-term strategy, as well as providing direction and helping to deliver on engagement activities to empower and educate young people.

She is an engagement and communications specialist, having gained five years’ experience in UK Parliament with successfully engaging and influencing people on technological issues. Banseka has a sophisticated understanding of behaviour change, building campaigns influencing different groups of stakeholders, effective training, and education, all within a complex, large organisation. 

She is also a freelance politics and culture writer, with six years of experience working as a freelance writer in the media industry, with bylines in British Vogue, The Independent, The iNews paper, Vice UK, Stylist Magazine, Bustle UK and more, mostly writing about race, feminism and youth issues. She sat on the advisory board of the press regulator Impress, to advise on how they can provide support to small media platforms, including ethical journalism standards. 

Marco Marcelline

Website Editor

Marco is responsible for overseeing all website content for Naked Politics, including commissioning writers for the site. He is a journalist, currently based in Portugal.