Welcome to Naked Politics, a brand spanking new political blogging site which aims to bring you the latest stories from the political and economic world! 
This blog is different; we cut through the normal media bulls*** to present you with evidence, facts and high quality, genuine viewpoints from all across the political spectrum. It is naked, because it is transparent, honest and agenda-free.      
Political apathy from young people is at an all time high, and we want to help change that. We are all young writers, from different walks of life, aiming to engage young people in topical, political discussions. I know how removed from reality politics often feels, but the effects of the political and economic policies are very real, and deserve us young people's attention too!
So, have a little browse and explore the blog, hopefully you will find something that piques your interest!
Banseka :)
Creator and Editor in Chief of Naked Politics