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When voting today, there are many choices to choose from. Politicians will be telling you how to vote and why. Should you vote for a ‘Strong and Stable’ government or a government which is in the interests ‘of the money, not the few’. This however is not how you should be weighing up your choices today. This election is bigger than a catchphrase, its bigger than one person. This election is about one thing – how do you want society to be run?

Do you want to continue on the path that society has been on for the past 7 years: more cuts, lower pay and less secure work? A society which values your children’s and grandchildren’s education less and less. How do you create an education system which instils ‘aspiration’ when you reduce funding? When you want to bring back grammar schools, so those who fail to make the cut are permanently disadvantaged. When once you’ve finished school the prospect of over £50,000 of debt puts you off from achieving your full potential.

Do you want a society which punishes those who have worked all their lives? A society which means some of the most vulnerable can not afford to heat their homes?  A society where it is acceptable to vilify people whose views and opinions we don’t agree with. A society which falling wages and increases in inflation means more and more people are using food banks. A society which refuses to act on the gender pay gap, one where insecure work is the new normal.

A society where the biggest issue facing the country in generations is decided by a small cabal with no input by anyone else. Where there seems

to be no plan, yet the public are told there is a plan they are just not allowed to know it. A society where the democratic will of Scotland is pushed away like the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

A society which cares more about saving money than improving the lives of young people and older peoples, cares more about saving money than adequately paying soldiers, teachers and nurses. Cares more about saving money so fines it acceptable to reduce the number of police on the beat and teachers in the classroom. Cares more about saving money than you and the needs that you have.

A society where we condemn those who claim more benefits than they are allowed but allow big business to get away with the same. Where those who genuinely can’t work are forced to work in order to be able to live. 1 in 4 people at some point will suffer a mental health problem and yet mental health services are being slashed away.

However, there is an alternative. An alternative society, which means school budgets are increased and that every primary school child receives a school meal. A society where university education is free, where those who come from the poorest backgrounds are able to reach their full potential. A society which protects pensioners. A society which cares about you! So, what’s the catch? Those with the most pay the most. Those who earn the most pay slightly more. Those with the deepest pockets help those with no pockets

The choice therefore could not be clearer. Do you want a society run in the interests of spending less money and what’s good for business or a society which is run in the interests of you? This is my endorsement for Labour. My endorsement for a brighter more prosperous future.

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Last Update: April 27, 2018