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I am a political animal. I miss Question Time, PMQ’s and Peston, as well as the ever divisive Kuenessberg during the Parliaments recess. I was therefore ecstatic when our favourite blundering buffoons came back into my life. There is so much to discuss and get stuck into. Will May deliver a Brexit means Brexit with a strong and stable approach? Will Boris Johnson finally go that step further and tell former British colonies that slavery was good for them? Well, I have to be honest, and although I do not believe in labels – such a melt thing to say, I know – I probably fall under the guise of left wing, so I’m kind of more focused on how the left’s boy-blue Corbyn will fare over the coming year.

Wee Jezza Corbyn. The grandfather of modern day socialism (sorry Bernie) and our very own Obi Wan Kenobi to fight off the empire of the free markets. With May as our Lord Sidius (more like Ming the Merciless when you take into account her inability to execute a plan) it has become apparent that a kinder way of doing things has been introduced to the political landscape for the first time. Cuddly politics was said to be for graduates drowning in pumpkin spice lattes, tweeting about ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix, without realising the irony as they slap down on their iPhone screen that was made in a sweat shop in Bangladesh by an infant with three fingers. That stereotype however has been broken – sexy socialism is back with a vengeance – and not just for the youth!

As austerity drains the life out of our communities like a president draining the swamp, we have re-found one of our more aspiring attributes as a nation: compassion. Corbyn has proven to be competent, putting forward policies that are certainly not socialist in their entirety, but capitalist policies more aligned with socialist philosophy. For instance, Corbyn has followed the mantra of Joseph Stiglitz and other Keynesian economists in demanding further investment to increase prosperity and improve infrastructure as well as social services. Seven years prior to today and this sort of economic talk would have had you chucked into a river tied to a heavy wooden chair; “Witch I say! Sorcerer!”

So what has changed? Well, for one, we have seen how abysmal austerity has been for the economy. The only reason we aren’t miles behind the rest is because most major players around the globe collectively lost their minds at the same as we did: Xi Jingping going all Mao on his successors within the CCCP, Putin invading countries and getting involved in oil wars and of course America having the approach of setting the world on fire whilst looking innocent tapping their fingers humming along to Billy Joel. We have seen successful economies such as Portugal pull off the investment approach; not cutting back on public services, but investing in order to allow more spending power and a growth in the economy. It is no wonder that the austerity psyche is disappearing when we have successful examples elsewhere, and especially so when you consider that voters have become fatigued due to austerity through seeing neighbours and public sector workers use food banks.

I predict Corbyn will do better this year. His appeal will be stronger the longer our government’s failed economic policies grip the country. He is an internet sensation through the help of Momentum and young people. The big man is even presenting awards to Stormzy at GQ’s event! (Or was it the Brits? Or it could even have been the Mobos? I do not know – nor do I really care – but I am told the rest of my generation does, so that has to be a big up for corbyn).

The only thing that could destroy Corbyn is not the people but his own party. Umunna jumped the gun on Brexit. He should have played the game as Corbyn knew that if he was pro-EU during the election then Labour would have suffered badly. Umunna needs to stop positioning for a leadership role and just swallow his pride and ride the Corbyn wave with faith. As for people like Lord Adonis, who has his head so far up his own backside he resembles a Stephen Hawking black hole that swallows you up at one end to spit you out at the other, they need to be better at being loyal to their leader. You may disagree but look at the Conservatives, to borrow a term coined by Hilary, who are a basket of deplorables, yet are still able to unite behind a leader that resembles more machine than man.

Corbyn will be fine. May has let Boris off the leash, offended half a continent, held Trump’s hand and – probably worst of all – tried to be “relatable”. Boy and girl jobs? Ewwww.

The troops just need to get behind a message that will really resonate the more damage austerity inflicts. The forecast for Corbyn is bright regardless of whether you think his policies are nonsense. Is this the year of the Jezza? I think so.

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Last Update: April 22, 2018