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Yes, yes… we all now know Theresa May has called a snap general election proposed for June 8th. The Prime Minister claims her decision was fuelled by petty squabbling in Westminster which aims to derail Brexit negotiations, explaining her wish to “remove the risk of uncertainty and instability, and continuing to give the country the strong stable leadership that it demands” – taking a clear shot at the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.


Not everyone’s feeling ANOTHER election though.

Brenda from Bristol

June 8th is merely six weeks away, the Labour party are trailing extensively in almost every poll imagniable, and I think its safe to say June will present the end of either Corbyn-mania or the Labour party as we know it.

My father recounts the 25th of September 2010 “when the wrong brother was elected” as the beginning of Labour’s troubles. I cite the downward spiral even further; June 27th 2007 the start of  Gordon Brown’s premiership. Either way the Labour party has been a sort of political circus for the past eight years, a badly disorganised circus, at that!

Two leadership elections in as many years, a front bench which has seen more faces than Piccadilly Circus, endless in-fighting and a potential coup by the parties extremist left-wing members; Labour has seen it all. The problem is so have we. Trust in the Labour Party and especially Corbyn, is extremely low. We no longer know what the party stands for. Although, many of their MPs have made it very clear its not with Corbyn.


I predict a resounding Conservative win! I will even go as far to say that on election night, London will turn into sea of blue and yellow!

So, what is next? Well… it will start the morning after with a confident victory speech from the now two-term Prime Minister, Theresa May. Around two hours later, speaking to BBC cameras outside of party offices, Corbyn will “Vow to fight this for ordinary working people”.

This will be met with a round of calls for Corbyn to stand down from senior politicians and party grandees such as Sadiq Khan, Tony Blair and Gisela Stuart. Scrambling to find support, Corbyn will chair a meeting with the shadow cabinet. After which, a host of high profile members will announce their resignation: Tom Watson, Emily Thornberry, Angela Rayner… A feeling of no confidence will seep through Labour, hitting the parties core.

With only Dianne Abbott to turn to, Corbyn will be left with two options; both resulting in his departure from Labour.

Either resign from the Labour party, leaving politics forever,  and allowing Yvette Copper to take up the leadership – she clearly has the confidence!


…take the little support that he does posses, start a new ultra-left wing political party, opposed to austerity and inequality, and dedicated to helping ordinary working people across the country.

Its hard to say whether Labour will be better off without Jeremy Corbyn, but I guess things couldn’t get much worse. To be honest, I’m just relieved that UKIP are all but done.



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Last Update: April 27, 2018