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I assume many people have written articles trying to come to terms with Donald Trump’s success in the GOP presidential primaries. It comes as an early lesson for newcomers like me to the bizarre and often frustrating world of politics, that you don’t need experience or a plan, nor history of sacrifice or dedication to a cause or even to your party, just, whatever Donal Trump has. I don’t necessarily know what that is. I mean, he talks well, some of the vines from his rally speeches genuinely have me in stitches, he’s rich (that always helps) but I think most importantly for his supporters is the idea that a vote for Trump translates to ‘sticking it to the man’.

The most infuriating thing about Trump’s bid is that his entire campaign is not essentially but unequivocally based on him being so brilliant that he alone can make America great again. Obviously we can all make the link that a successful businessman may be good at running a country’s economy, but what specifically about his experiences would make him capable in other areas? The world of business is often seen as cutthroat and fast paced with quick decisions being required for success. How in any way does this link, for example, to foreign policy? Surely a place where open mindedness and careful consideration are favoured. In addition, if Americans think that being a great business man enables you to become a great president then why stop at Trump? Why not see if Bill Gates for instance wants a run at presidency? He’s worth about 8 times as much as Trump (don’t tell Trump this – I feel a law suit coming) and is therefore way more successful, give it to him!

In one of the TV debates Trump said to roaring cheers ‘I’ve employed thousands of people, no one else on this stage has’. What on earth has that got to do with anything? Should we all be asking the owner of Aldi to run for Prime minister come election time since he has employed loads of people? Obviously not. I don’t begin to question his business success, although I note that some have, but supporting him solely based on it is utterly nonsensical.

Just after Lord Voldemort had stricken down Harry and is gloating to the survivors at Hogwarts, he says ‘From now on, you put your faith in me’. Allow me to justify the importance of the quote, and no, I am not going to compare Donald Trump to Lord Voldemort, although again I note that some have. This should be his campaign slogan as it encapsulates everything he represents. Here are some examples, his recent promise to Wisconsin voters that “if I win, all of the bad things happening in the U.S. will be rapidly reversed” exudes immaturity, his tweet in response to the terror attacks in Lahore in which he said, “I alone can solve” is completely ridiculous. OK Donald, you will, in the midst of building a wall and punishing women who have abortions, stop an Al-Qaeda splinter group from attacking Pakistanis celebrating Easter. Maybe his plan to do this is on his website I hear you ask? Nope it’s not. He says in reaction to an ‘announcement’ that 5,000 members of ISIS have infiltrated Europe; “I alone can fix this problem”. Really? He’s our only hope? I mean seriously, what must he see in the mirror when he stares at it, a bronzed god, shinning and chiselled? How else would he acquire the arrogance- no stupidity, to think that he alone can solve such a problem.


Americans, vote for him, don’t vote for him, the choice is yours and you’re very much entitled to make that decision without those who perceive themselves morally or politically above you sneering and ridiculing your decision. All I say is don’t believe in false gods, men who are so utterly capable and brilliant that they demand your respect and support. I don’t believe they exist, and if they did Trump certainly wouldn’t be one of them.

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Last Update: April 28, 2018